What do you think is the best way to get students interested in programming? In order to answer the question, we must put ourselves in their shoes. We need to find something that they will love so much, they will actually want to d it instead of just wanting to get it over with (by buying essays online, for example). Something every kid loves during at least a certain phase in their life is gaming. How great would it be if we could use that love they have for gaming to help them learn coding? A class full of students actually willing to learn a potentially boring subject, sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? This is a list of tools that can help students design games and apps in the classroom, definitely a class they will never get bored it.

  • Table of Contents
  • Hackety Hack. 1
  • Code School 2
  • Gamestar Mechanic. 2
  • Scratch. 2
  • PurposeGames. 2
  • Treehouse. 2
  • Code Monster. 2
  • Programmr. 3
  • Codea. 3
  • Sploder. 3

Hackety Hack

This one’s for all the windows users! The programming language you can improve your skills for with this particular application is known as Ruby. Ever heard of it? You may not have if you’re still new at this because it’s not the most common of them, but is used for developing web apps in Rails framework. This particular app and programming language are both widely used for academic purposes because they can make learning much easier for you, you can create apps for different services and such. It is definitely worth giving it a try.

  • Uses the programming language Ruby
  • Is mostly used for academic purposes

Code School

In this one, you will be made aware of the basic concepts of JavaScript, Ruby, iOS and HTML/CSS. It will give you several new ways to learn and apply your knowledge into productive things. This will provide you a unique coding experience that you probably will not find anywhere else, along with the students who work on it being rewarded for any accomplishments.

  • Rewards for achievements will motivate students to learn
  • A video-game like interface will make studying a fun experience rather than a tiresome one

Gamestar Mechanic

Improve your game design skills while winning multiple rewards to further help in your quests! You will even have access to help from professional instructors for feedback on whatever you create. Interactions with game industry pros are sure to help you reach a whole new level of designer skill, make sure you don’t pass this up!


This one’s for the kids. It’s an application to help you create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Not only that, it will also give you an opportunity to share the designs you’ve created with others like yourself through their online platform! Young people can improve their creativity through this, whilst learning the basics of programming. What more could you ask for?

  • Basic programming for children
  • Design games and quizzes and share them on an interactive online platform


Another one to help you create and play games. Isn’t that the coolest? It will keep students busy while helping improve their designing and concentration skills simultaneously. They can reward themselves later by playing the game they created themselves, thus giving them more of a sense of accomplishment.


This is an affordable way for adults majoring in programming. This one is not for children still in grade school, so steer clear of it if your students aren’t adults. You don’t want them to try to run before they can walk. While this app is mostly for adults on a more advanced level, teenagers can use it to hone their coding skills by giving themselves a fun little challenge. After all, it’s much easier for any student to learn if they don’t have the pressure of grades to worry about. A perfect head start, until they can finally take off their training wheels.

Code Monster

Anyone interested in JavaScript and willing to learn it solely and understand its course material would surely benefit from this. The simple instructions and user-friendly interface will help people very easily get used to this program and use it to its full potential. It also has tutorials to help better your understanding even more. This is bound to make education much more engaging.


It will provide you with 15 coding techniques that will help you develop a range of things such as programs, web, media, and mobile apps. This program will understand your needs, understands what knowledge you lack and cater to you accordingly, teaching you everything you may need to know to greatly improve your skills on the subject. Without a doubt a learning experience you do not want to give up.


This is an amazing app for anyone who enjoys bright colors, rich graphics and working from their mobile device. iPad users would love this app because of how easy and fun it is to use and play around with, the interface is incredibly convenient and the program will perform most actions for you so that you don’t have to worry too much about doing everything manually.

  • This app is for iOS only
  • You can use your creativity to create your own iPad apps with ease


If arcade games every made you happy, prepare to be ecstatic – you can now make your own versions of them. It’s an easy to use application, making it appropriate for children who just want to play around and experiment with game designing.