Limit or completely restrict access to websites or installed applications, view all attempts and generate reports for more security and enhanced workflow

DIGITAL SOFTW The Internet can be a dangerous place not only for your computer, but distracting employees from their tasks might result in negative impact on a business. However, administrators can take advantage of an abundance of security solutions like HT System Administrator that can be used to limit or completely block access to various locations online and offline.

Intuitive design and easy to configure

If it’s the first time you install the application, it’s best you pay attention to each step and let it automatically run after deployment, because no desktop shortcut is delivered for security purposes and you can quickly set up parameters this way.

Accommodation is as easy as it gets for beginners and experts alike. The main window is structured in three panels that let you access different online and offline content to block, reports you can create, as well as general options and user accounts. When all is done, you need to use a hotkey to bring it back up because it doesn’t even stay in the system tray to make detection more difficult.

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