Humanity is the mixture of achievements and crisis, as according to Dissertation Topics:

When human face downfall, they get new spirit to face that downfall and evolve with more positive strength”

Same goes with business; all types of business go through the face of success and lose. If any business doesn’t undergo the phase of downfall or crisis, it forgets the taste of success and becomes stagnant.

Table of Contents

The social Media era: 2

Crises due to Social Media: 2

  1. Wrong use of Hashtags: 3
  2. Late Response: 3
  3. Not every hashtag needs to be followed: 3
  4. Right content: 3

10 guidelines to get away from Social Media Crisis: 3

Before Crises: 4

  1. Social Media Policy: 4
  2. Communication Guidelines: 4
  3. Monitor Social Media: 5

During Crises: 5

  1. Is it really a crisis?. 5
  2. Pause the activities: 5
  3. Educate employees: 5
  4. Official Statement: 6

After Crises: 6

  1. Evaluate the situation: 6
  2. Ponder over it: 6
  3. Be prepared for next: 6

Concluding: 6

The social Media era:

Today everyone is on social media that creates a lot of traffic or businesses to handle. Every business wants to be famous so they engage with their  target audience through social media platforms but when there is so much traffic on social media it becomes immensely important to manage the people coordination otherwise they have to face crisis; Which can cause huge downfall or in serious cases shut down of businesses.

Crises due to Social Media:

There can be many crises which can cause some serious damage to the businesses. According to dissertation proposals writing one needs to be aware of following reasons:

Wrong use of Hashtags:

As before putting the hashtag is your post, be sure that people will use it for positive stories and use right kind of hashtags that actually boost one’s brand’s reputation.

Late Response:

May be a customer needs your prompt attention, may be they have faced something bad at your restaurant or company. Now what they need is quick counselling from the company. Be quick enough to create a positive buzz.

Not every hashtag needs to be followed:

It is not necessary that every hashtag on social media needs to be followed by the company. One can ignore some hashtags depending on the situation.

 Right content:

One needs to be aware what kind of content is been uploaded by company employee’s on the social media. Is any content which could back fire the company or create a wrong buzz? Monitor that content.

10 guidelines to get away from Social Media Crisis:

So these were some main crises that one can face while been on social media but how to get away from a social media crises is the main question! So here is the 10 points plan to prepare for social media crises.

Before Crises:

Social Media Policy:

One need to get everyone either employees or customers be aware so social media policy. Posting something which can defame the company should be monitor closely. Set some parameters which one can follow on social media. Copyright rules and privacy rules and regulations should be clear to everyone. One needs to be strict on this.

Communication Guidelines:

Every employee should be aware of what they may post on social media. Secure the accounts of the employees specially the social media team and make them know that company’s account are strictly owned by company property and one cannot use their social media accounts as of their own accounts.

Monitor Social Media:

It is not important, that company react to every trending tweet or hashtag. Monitor the environment first and needs to decide what one can talk about and what one can represent on the social media platforms.

To be aware of social media trends and techniques have been vital for company as social media has turned into a communication tool which bridge the gap between a companies, its employees and customers (existing and potential)

During Crises:

Is it really a crisis?

Not everything bad on social media is a crisis, one needs to be aware that what could have gone wrong on social media and how to take care of it. People will say negative things about one’s brand. One doesn’t need to respond each and every negative comment. Evaluate which comment needs ignorance and which needs an immediate response.

Pause the activities:

One needs to be acknowledge about what is going on, on social media platforms. If there is any bad incident on social media one needs to pause all the activities till the positive vibes has been created by company about the bad incident.

Educate employees:

Employees play a vital role while social media crisis. Whatever they speak can become a trending thing on social media platforms. One needs to be sure what one can post on social media platform and how employees are going to handle the situation. Educate the employees with clear guidelines.

Official Statement:

Make a social media official statement about any bad incident and educate the customer what happened and how one has taken care of it. One needs to wait for a positive response from the customers.

Reaction of the company during a social media crisis play a vital role from to company to bridge the gap between customers and brand.

After Crises:

Evaluate the situation:

One needs to evaluate why the crisis happened? What factors go wrong in what situation? What more good moves have been made to handle the situation?

Ponder over it:

What lesson has been learned from this crisis? What important precautions one can take care of the situation? How to handle these situation or any future situation for the next time

Be prepared for next:

One need to be prepared of any unseen situation for the next time. Social media crisis does happen as it is part of business now. So one needs to be aware and ready when next is going to happen.


According to Thesis Writing Help:

“Social Media is like a communication with your customers! So for that one needs an expertise person who can inspires the customers”

As one needs a social media platforms they need to aware of social media crisis to. A company is a winner, if it can change the negative respond into a positive vibe. And to do so one needs to have an expertise social media team who can take social media to new heights.