There are so many platforms that you can get the apps from. But then there are only a few good play stores that can get you the best applications. In case, you have always been using Google, plays tore and you think that is the only one then you are wrong. 

Once you start exploring the options, you would find that there are so many options in third party play stores. You can easily come across the best play stores like 9apps. Talking about this specific play store, it is the choice of everyone because of its extensively ease of use, and most importantly performance. Moreover, the platform is free of cost.

Attractive features of this play store 

There are so many features of this play store that you would love to know about and a few are like:

Free of cost applications 

The play store is free of cost and also the applications that you install from this play store are absolutely free too. It means if there is any application that is pricy, you might find it free of cost in the realm of this play store. In this way you would get the best outcomes for sure.  If there is an amazing application for learning crafts but you feel that it is too expensive to have then you should install it from this play store. You would not have to pay any penny and also if there are paid subscriptions, you would not have to take.

Variety is immense 

You would get amazing variety in the realm of this plays tore. Yes, the variety you get in applications and categories are pretty impressive. Whether you want to download food, cooking, booking, educational, learning, skills, banking, games or any other types of applications, you can get them all easily and effectively. In this way you would get the apt application that helps you in your tasks. Whether entertainment, education, learning, business, or anything else, you can get everything through this platform.

The size is negligible 

In case you are of the view that the play store is going to take up a lot of your storage space then you need to shun that thought. The play store never exceeds the size of 10mb. In this way you would not have to worry about anything. The play store gets you the applications and you would not face lack of storage too in your device. Often the other play stores are too heavy in size and they eat up a lot of space of your storage device but that is not the case with this plays tore.

Speed and safety 

The plays tore is absolutely speedy because it is slight in weight. Moreover, safety is immense in the realm of this play store. You would get all the applications safely from this plays tore. The point is all the applications get uploaded and added in this plays store only after proper safety scanning to ensure that they do not have any risk or any danger.


Thus, you need to check out this play tore if you haven’t done it so far. After all, it promises you ease and excellence both!