Digital Softw A very useful Chrome extension that smoothly integrates with Trello in order to offer you a better way to manage all your tasks with the help of a calendar function


Having gained a fair bit of popularity over these past few years, Trello is now one of the top project management tools. With its handy features that make collaboration feel like a walk in the park and by offering a very visual way to organize boards, you can use Trello for a wide array of work-related and even day-to-day tasks.

With a bit of practice, Trello can even be used as a reasonably competent planner, but this is not exactly a very straightforward task. However, if a more user-friendly Trello calendar feature would be beneficial for you, then you should definitely try Planyway.

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Practical extension that improves Trello’s event planning capabilities

Planyway is an interesting Chrome extension that improves the functionality of the Trello web app by a smoothly integrating a calendar. Basically, you can manage your schedule right next to all your Trello boards.

It can be deployed on your computer’s Chrome browser with just a few mouse clicks from its official Chrome Web Store listing, and it only requires that you grant it permission to use data from your Trello account, after the login process.

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