Tableau, one of the known business intelligence software in India is seeing a remarkable increase in its demands and licenses. This is because the current scenario of outbreak of Coronavirus gave leaders a new way to utilize data and tableau helped transform their useful information into valuable insights in just simple clicks. Thus, Tableau because of its robustness and in-built artificial intelligence is becoming a favorite of the progressing leaders.

However, there are small business leaders as well, who have been thinking to adopt tableau licenses, have realized its importance during lockdown as well but still hesitate due to its pricing model. Why? Let’s understand.

Tableau License Types

Tableau as we know has three licenses: Creator, Explorer and viewer. All three licenses have their importance in creating/publishing content, improvising and doing minor changes, analyzing data to make critical decisions. Where, the explorer and viewer licenses seem to be well in budget, the creator license is almost twice of the price of explorer and 6 times the price of viewer license. 

But, the fact is that Tableau Creator License is the pillar for the other two licenses or the working of the Tableau software as a whole. It requires at least one Tableau Creator license to bring tableau software in operation. Thus, the price is the reason that small business leaders keep delaying their decision to bring tableau software on board. But, is creator pricing the only thing to decide whether to get the software or not? If you’re too struggling to make the decision to purchase the tableau creator license, understand its importance discussed below.

Significance of Tableau Creator License

  • Creating Insights out of Raw Data: As the name suggests, Tableau Creator License is for those who create reports and publish them out of unorganized data. Without a Creator license, the user can just improvise the previously arranged reports and the other trouble remains the same for all other data organizing tasks. That is, there won’t be any use of the software then.
  • Report Development: Tableau creator license is the only license used to develop client-based reports in Tableau Desktop. Apart from many other features in tableau server and online software, the unique functionalities achieved through creator license for making intuitive reports are unmatchable.
  • Access to Prep-builder: Tableau prep-builder prepares the data sources and makes the report transformation into creative visuals possible, but, the access to Tableau-prep builder is possible only with the tableau creator license.
  • Making use of Dashboards: who doesn’t know about the in-built dashboards that tableau possesses. These dashboards give a new edge to the reports and makes understanding and analyzing the data much easier for the leaders. This too is possible with the Tableau creator license as only the creator would be able to use the dashboards.


Undoubtedly, tableau software in India is the best BI software known so far. However, it can be utilized to the best of its efficiency with Tableau Creator license. Creator license is none other than the stepping stone to impart the digital smartness to your data.