Time is precious each one of us wants to save time so that we can focus on more important things. This is why automation has come to the fore. Tasks that used to take hours can now be simplified with a click of a button. Further, you need not have to scout to each and every business files and excel sheets to extract meaningful insights. There is a smart BI software that can help you with just about anything. You need metrics on sales, finance, administration, top-performing zones, or customer buying patterns, or just about anything, you can refer to business analytics software such as Tableau. 

But, do you know Tableau has some amazing shortcuts apart from its features. All these shortcuts are meant to make your life even easier. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at some of the top Tableau shortcuts we wish we knew them before.

Use CTRL-F for a quick search 

We all know how convenient Ctrl- F feature can be for us. We are so used to this feature that even while reading a novel or book we wish to have this feature. But, somewhere our favorite software lack this useful feature. But, hold on Tableau has this feature. You can simply search large data sets and look at the results you want. You can find anything you wish to know. Just search the dialogue box and get started. You can also click the small search icon and enter the first letter and narrow down the results.  

Double click on the blank space 

Even quicker than searching for a field, this feature with just a double click makes it all. You just need to double click on the blank space either in Rows or Columns. Now select the text box outline and start typing in field names. As you type the first letter, the field names will emerge. You are done just simply click on them and the results will appear instantly.  

Create fast hierarchy 

Creating hierarchy has just got simpler with this shortcut. You just need to drag one pill on top of another pill, and you will have an instant hierarchy done. You can even drag the pills on the top of the country, state, city, or postal code-wise. This allows you to do your work faster and save precious time. 

Drag and color some parts of your horizontal axis in Tableau …

After you build your chart, you can customize it easily. You can easily drag a field on your y-axis or x-axis into the chart area, and color the same. For example, you can change the look and feel of how chart axes are displayed, change the colors that are used in business analytics software. 

Unhide hidden fields

Hiding the fields is easy; it happens with just a button. But, there is no unhide option available. You can leverage the multi-select option in Tableau. Just click the first field and press the SHIFT key and select the last field. You can then unhide all the fields at once. You have to do this once for dimensions and once for measures.

All these were some of the amazing shortcuts of business analytics software. So, the next time you intend to use Tableau you can keep this blog handy to simplify your work even more. And, if you are a business user who wants to embark on Tableau journey, then the Uneecops BI team can help you with choosing the best Tableau license as per your business needs.