The pandemic turned the world digital. People instead of going to markets resorted to online businesses.  The teaching, gymming, yoga, exercise, and many other things were conducted online, and so was the recruitment process. The recruiters didn’t call their candidates to their workplace but the interviews were conducted on mediums like Skype, Hangouts, Facetime, Zoom, Google meets, etc. This process of the interview seemed a little different. The behavior and body language of the candidates were not similar to that of in-person. There are some other differences observed too. There are various online interview coaching courses that can help you with this. If you do not want to face these differences and prepare properly for an online job interview then you should consider taking it. It will groom you and enhance your performance in the interview. If you have an interview scheduled in near future then follow online interview tips to crack it.

Check your device

Whether you are appearing for an interview on a laptop, PC, iPad, or tablet. Make sure it is in proper condition, the webcam working properly, doesn’t have any internal problems, and is fully charged on the day of the interview. You might use headphones or simply the audio of the device. Ensure the voice is clear and audible to you and also ask the interviewer whether or not you are audible to them. The same goes for the microphone. Check whether your voice clearly reaches the other person or not. An improper device might bring a problem in communication.

Choose the right place

Select a place where the conditions are favorable for a formal talk. A proper environment for an interview is very important. Choose a quiet place that is full of lights. Make sure to stay alone whenever you are appearing for an interview. Shut the windows behind as it can cast a shadow which will make it difficult for the recruiter to see you. If the interview is scheduled at night, then brighten up the environment by turning on all the lights. Avoid noisy environments like coffee shops, restaurants, and malls.

Practice using webcam

Appearing for an interview online and appearing in person is different. You have to face the person through the webcam. Before the final date practice it by yourself and check whether you are comfortable with it or not.

Dress up nicely

Dress up nicely. Wear formals, groom well, appear smart on the screen. Good dressing and grooming will increase your confidence and let you speak in a concise manner. Comb your hair well. Do not set a fancy hairstyle. Keep it simple. Your face should look clean. It sets a good impression in front of a recruiter. Your appearance shows how well you look after yourself.

Focus on your body language  

Maintain good eye contact, smile, focus, stay calm, and do not get nervous if you are asked a difficult question. Avoid fidgeting your hands while talking. It indicates nervousness. Keep your head still do not divert your concentration somewhere else. It won’t make a good first impression. Don’t be too formal try to answer some questions informally. This will interest the listener and he/she will enjoy having a conversation with you.

Form a good first impression        

A popular phrase ‘The first impression is the last impression’ applies here. Form a good first impression in front of your recruiter. Wish ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good evening’ before your interview starts. Answer smartly to all the questions asked. Keep it short, do not give unnecessary long answers. Speak slowly without hesitating. Be honest about your answers. Do not lie or over-exaggerate about yourself. After winding up simply tell them ‘Goodbye’ or ‘Thank you for your time’ This can form a good first impression.

These tips will help you to crack the interview and get the job you are looking for. Virtual interviews are the new normal and by following the right techniques you can crack it like a pro. So, to master the art of cracking interviews, contact Job Interviewology and get your dream college, job, and company.