Remember when you would enter a mall or restaurant and your smartphone would pop up ads that display products and services that you are interested in? This is essentially what Geofencing digital marketing does. Geofencing marketing is location-based ads that enable businesses to precisely target their audience based on their geographical location. This targeting could be as granular as a specific zip code or a physical store location. The idea behind geofencing marketing is to reach out to an audience that can resonate with your business the best. When you target a particular location, a ‘geofence’ is created which refers to the physical boundaries of a target location.

What are the examples of geofencing digital marketing? 

  • A brick and mortar emergency medical store could create a geofence of around 25kms to cater to anyone looking for emergency medical supplies within that radius.
  • A retail clothing store can create a geofence around their competitor’s store to attract customers entering their store with more attractive deals.
  • A real estate company could target the area where they have many listings so that potential buyers within the specified radius can get notified

Benefits of geofencing marketing

Now that you know what geofencing marketing means, let us dive a little deeper into how you can use geofencing to maximize your revenue by attracting more customers.

  1. Precise targeting

Geofencing means you can target a local audience at a personal level. The best part is that you know the sector of the audience that you are targeting so you can customize your ads according to their likes which will provide a personal touch to all your ads. You can connect with your audience base on their culture, lifestyle and any other topics they can relate to. This will increase the chances of them interacting with your business.

  1. High-quality content 

With geotargeting, you are creating content keeping in mind a particular sector of the audience. Otherwise, when you create content for a wide variety of audience, it is highly unlikely that it would resonate with so many different people. Geofencing allows you to create content that is aimed at a specific audience. This will help your business build a strong consumer base by improving your brand image.

  1. Right place, right time

Marketing is all about timely content delivery. If you are having a limited period offer at your store, you want people to know about it right on time so that they can make the most out of it. If you have opened a new store and want people to know about it, geofencing is the right way to alert your target audience. For promotional offers like ‘25% discount for the first 15 customers’ geofencing can help in attracting traffic. 

  1. Cost-effective

Geofencing is not merely cheaper than other digital marketing service but it does justice to every penny you spend. You can set a location for your business on Google and geofencing is a part of it. You don’t have to spend extra bucks to avail this function. You can set your ads to appear in various territories depending on where your target audience is.

  1. Drive local traffic

If you have a retail store that needs more traffic then geofencing will help you to make local users aware of your businesses and the services that you provide. Let’s say you’re a business serving exclusively in the manhattan area, then your ad is of no use for people from Rhode Island. You can choose what area or Pincode you want to target to improve your marketing success rate.

If you’re a business wanting to improve your local presence or attract customers from a specific area, you can get in touch with for all your digital marketing requirements.