Deciding to live a green life makes you start small. The consideration of a vegan diet, energy conservation and the pledge to live a waste-free life. Opting for a life that’s good for not just you but also everyone around you can be quite beneficial in the long run, especially after the threat of global warming hanging around our necks. As we’ve heard before, in order to attain the change we want to see, we need to be the change ourselves. Whether it be through custom neon signs to light up your room to be more energy-efficient or the presence of plants to build a green environment for you and the world around you.

Turning your room into an eco-friendly hub can be quite easy if you put your heart and mind into it. Even though the fear of not being able to live up to the goals you’ve set up for yourself might begin to haunt you within the first week itself, it’s important to remember that every step is a learning process. No one can become a professional within the first few weeks, and it’s okay to mess up every now and then. However, if and when you choose to take a break, you can work on getting the rest of your house into an eco-friendly haven:

  • The three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Amongst some of the essential knowledge that we learned back in our school days, the three R’s are some of the key pointers to a green earth. Starting by reducing the amount of clutter that might already be present in your room. Papers and books that you don’t use anymore can be recycled, and sheets and clothes that you no longer need or use can be left to be reused by individuals that need it more. You can make the choice to help the homeless or drop them off at the thrift shop.
  • Organic choices: Making organic choices is part of the more difficult changes you’ll need to perform over your lifestyle. From organic bedsheets to organic cleaners, it’s a step by step change that you will need to follow through with.
  • Making the right lighting choices: Being energy efficient is more than simply shutting the light switch when you’re not present in the room. Being energy efficient includes measures like getting rid of the aircon and the geyser. However, a large part of energy efficiency is dependent on making the right lighting choices. LED lights are now becoming known as some of the most ecological lights, as long as they are installed, used and disposed of in the right way. Luckily, when it comes to lighting your options aren’t limited. LED neon signs placed in your room can help ensure that you continue to be environmentally aware whilst continuing to be ambient. are some of the best sign makers in NYC and can help you get the best of LED neon signs for your room. Saving the environment has never been cooler!
  • Choosing the right paint: The ‘chemical’ smell we tend to get after a fresh paint is generally the remnant of the number of chemicals present within the list of ingredients of the paint. In order to prevent this, paints with low or no VOC are ideal. These tend to be better for the environment as well. 

In order to make the change you want to see, you need to live the change yourself. Even though the setup of your home sounds extensive at first, you’ll begin to enjoy the cleanse you perform. Continue to do so, and you’ll feel more refreshed and detoxified than ever before!