Music is vast. There is so much variety today that it can get confusing for aspirers just to start on their suitable instrument. To make matters even more complex, each type of instrument is now available in different variations. For new learners or aspirers, it is absolutely necessary to develop the right habits. Selecting the wrong stringed instrument can be catastrophic into the skill development.

Without a doubt, guitars are the most popular and commonly played stringed instruments today. However, these will not be the perfect choice for everyone to start learning music. Some people will however suit the guitar best right from the start. But for most, even the simplest guitars can be some of the most difficult starter packs. Guitar for sale can also be found pretty easily.

We have prepared a list of popular stringed instruments that will set new learners on the right path:

1: The Violin

One of the most popular stringed instruments, the violin is also a good starter option. This is largely down to it being available in many sizes. Starting from a slender size of 1/16, it goes up to the large 4/4. Smaller sizes are just perfect for young learners and also people with shorter arms.

The violin is also very light especially in smaller sizes. People of all ages can learn the instrument easily. Mastering its bow playing technique, learners can become quite good at it. Practicing it solo is a great option for new starters too. Muzikkon has a variety of violin for sale available in all sizes for everyone.

2: The Cello

Resembling the violin in its playing technique using a bow, the cello is also one of the most popular string instruments. It is also available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4/4 to 1/10. As young as 4-year-old players can easily pick one up, learn it and master it.

The cello varies in its music output with the size and type of woods and other materials used in it. You will find it to be one of the more expensive instruments when buying the really good ones. Cheaper variants are also available offering just the required capability of new learners too.

3: Double Bass

The different size trend continues with double bass as well with options available starting from the 1/16 size. This is also another great starting instrument for new learners as beginners can start producing good music from it quickly. Used in many orchestral music types, it is a great option indeed.

Be sure to check out your double bass in person before you buy it. Many used ones also present a good option for beginners and new learners. With improvement in skill level, you can always go up the size and price ladders.

4: The Guitar

There is no denying that guitar is the most famous stringed music instrument and also one of the most famous ones from all instrument families. The acoustic guitars, bass guitars or Mexican type simple guitars are all pretty famous in their own leagues.

The sheer symbolic importance with the guitar cannot be ignored at all. So many famous bands and individual performers have symbolized the guitar in its existence. Electric guitar is one of the more modern and most famous variations as well. It will not be the easiest to start learning on though.

5: The Harp

One of the most elegant looking stringed instruments is the Harp. Revolutionizing royal music with its rich looks, it has some of the earliest records for any stringed instrument. The Irish Harp that has been carried along in the Celtic music, is one of the best variants of it. Harp is played by fingers of the hand.

Smaller harps with lesser number of strings will always be the best ones to start learning on. Bigger higher string numbered harps will be for the skilled and professional players. Some more expensive harp for sale versions look absolutely like a piece of jewelry indeed and they are soul pleasing to play too.

6: Ukulele

One of the more modern stringed instruments that is though to be introduced by the Portuguese is the Ukulele. It has been made famous most by the native people of Hawaii who adopted it from the Portuguese. Today, ukulele for sale is available at many widespread suppliers.

The four strings of the ukulele produce charming sounds of their own. Made from a variety of wood types, it is also a looker in its own right. With lower number of strings and quite manageable size, it is also a great beginner option.

7: Mandolin

The mandolin is also another stringed instrument that is played with a bow. It is believed to have evolved from a lute somewhere in the 18th century. The peer shaped body of the mandolin is made from natural woods that produce quality sounds.

Gibson brand has been known in the Americas to produce some of the best mandolins. These guys also provide some of the best guitars as well. Cheaper but still quite capable variants of the mandolin are available at Muzikkon, a local Irish instruments seller. Check out their website for more information.

8: Banjo

Played with many different techniques including the Scruggs-style or the ~clawhammer, banjo is a great starter option for stringed instruments. It is also one of the better-looking music instruments as well. Good versions of it get talked about a lot in terms of their designs and material choices.

The banjo is also one of the most versatile stringed instruments. It can easily be blended with other instruments as well producing unique sounds. Many music types have adopted it beautifully but it is thought to have originated from Africa.

9: The Bouzouki

Thought by many to originally be a Greek stringed instrument, the Bouzouki has been adopted in many traditions. In the Celtic music, the Irish Bouzouki has played a vital role. It has a wider main body that is more suited to a sitting style of play.

Since it also has a fewer number of strings, the bouzouki is also one of the easier starter instruments. Its wooden finish allows it to be one of the better-looking ones as well. It can be tuned in its strings to suit any style of play and music requirement as well.