In any article or blog words matters the most. They act as a medium to convey the context and matter on any issue. Their significance can be observed in search engine optimization , in education for effective notes-making for students, in content writing for effective product marketing. 

Even for Philosophers the art of words and expressions caters the most. The pitching of words, context and expressions require a strong brainstorming for making a word flow.  All these tasks require a coherent and logical structure of words for an effective output. Thus, the matter of words becomes quite important while writing. 

Since the words are a combination of characters therefore the balancing of character count becomes quite important. Henceforth, this article discusses some best character count tools for 2023 that can be considered for management of characters. 

LambdaTest Character Count Online Tool

Among the vast variety of free online tools, character count is one of the tools offered by LambdaTest platform. Basically, LambdaTest is a continuous quality cloud that allows developers and testers to perform manual and automation testing of web and mobile apps across 3000+ real browsers, devices and OS combinations. 

The free online character count tool allows you to estimate the size of any text string or numbers in order to count the total number of characters; including spaces.  The tool is very helpful for content writers, academicians, product marketing strategists, search engine optimization (SEOs) specialists. It’s user friendly where you just needs to enter the string of text or numbers and needs to press the count button in order to see the results.

ReWriter Tool

The ReWriter Tool is an online writing platform having several tools for writing operations including a word counter. The tool works like a calculator , it just calculates the total number of words or symbols in any string or article. However, the tool doesn’t support files as input but only strings of text for the results. It is fast in execution and freely available.

CountofWords Tool

The CountofWords is another online platform that provides support for writing operations. This online resource is free of cost and also does not need any kind of registration for service. The tool does not support files as input rather the text strings need to be typed or inserted by the user. 

LetterCount Tool

The LetterCount tool is an online solution that counts the number of words and characters in a text. This online solution differs from others in the fact that it offers services for content writing for different platforms like Blogger, Facebook. The service is also freely available and need not require any kind of registeration. Thus, the platform is appropriate for beginners or aspirants of content writing. 

WordCounter Tool

The free WordCounter tool which is an online platform is an effective writing solution. Besides supporting the character count operation and related activities, the web application also supports voice input. The tool does not require any registration and is free to use. 


Scribendi is one of the strong web portals that not only supports character count operation but a lot more things like resume editing, proofreading related to academic and business activities and many other things. A note to mention here that the services offered by Scribendi are paid in nature and require registration. 


The online web portal is simple and user friendly. It gives a total count of words and characters in a string. The web application does not provide any kind of additional features but only a minimal function of counting the characters. It is suitable for average users or beginners rather than for any specialist. Being simple and easy to use, the tool is freely available to use and does not require any kind of registeration. 

Small SEO Tools Word Counter

The “Small SEO Tools Word Counter” is a freely available tool. In terms of features, the tool reflects the count for words, characters, symbols, sentences and paragraphs. The tools also provide an additional feature for highlighting the keywords and maintain a count for reading and speaking the text. 

Counting character

The Counting character application provides a fast , free and interactive interface. It is an online platform that reflects the real-time information for the entered words and characters ; including spaces. The online web portal is not only limited to the task of character count but also provide multiple options for working with images, QR codes and zip archives content.

A tool with full of features and easy to use gives a complete content rating. It can count characters, words, sentences, paragraphs and measures reading. We can also enable grammar checking and autosave with the help of keywords service works which also helps in determining the density.

This online platform provides a complete summary of the input text i.e. number of characters, words, lines, sentences and paragraphs. Even, it makes an estimate for symbols and punctuation marks. The online tool provides support for HTML, PDF and Word format. It also provides an option to export the document from the original version to any other available one. The tool supports voice as well as text input for results. The availability of this tool is free i.e. without any cost. 

This online web portal offers an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) to work upon. The bar at the top reflects the total words and count of characters. The tool contains two important features i.e. page counter and grammar checker. The counter for paragraphs and sentences are a kind of incentive on this online platform. The page counter option on this platform help users to keep a check upon how many pages have been written by the user. Also, the grammar check option is quite useful that helps users to correct and rectify mistakes as per British English and American style.    

Translators Base

This online web portal offers the services to decide what to count on i.e. the user can choose to count the number of lines and number of pages. Also, the users can choose whether to utilize the numerals for counting. The result section provides a kind of statistics in the outcomes like Space less Characters, Pages, Space Characters, word count and line count.

DocWordCounter is an online tool that has some extensive features in addition to the feature of total count cap. It contains functionalities like recording of regular terms. Also, it provides a feature of counting e-mail IDs, passwords, digits and bullets separately.  The platform provides support for text, excel, word, epub etc. kind of files. The platform does not require any kind of signup or registration. Also, the files will get automatically deleted after 1 hour of uploading on the server.

Accurate word counter

This online tool gives users the facility to check for the word per minute i.e. typing speed in addition to the estimation of total number of counts of characters. The application is best suitable for commercial purposes like content writer, bloggers or for any other commercial purpose. In order to utilize all the features of Accurate Word Counter, the user needs to get registered or in other words need to gain a license. 


The above discussion is as per the observance of some word counting applications among which some platforms like LambdaTest, Scribendi & DocWordCounter are providing an interactive and user friendly solution for the users.