Most free antivirus products come from companies that also maintain and upgrade commercial editions. Comodo Antivirus does pair with a non-free edition, but it hasn’t seen a serious enhancement in many years. Where the best free antivirus tools earn high scores in multiple independent lab tests, Comodo has just one score, and it tanked our hands-on tests. Yes, it comes with a raft of bonus features, but many of these require tech expertise beyond what the average user brings to the table. There are better free antivirus choices.

Comodo Antivirus is feature-complete and entirely free. However, paying $29.99 per year for the Advanced edition enhances your protection by giving you access to a focused version of Comodo’s GeekBuddy tech support service. What you get is support for using the program and cleaning up malware. The full GeekBuddy service, which lists for $199.99 per year, comes with Comodo’s full security suite and offers help with any kind of tech support, including system optimization, device, and software setup, troubleshooting, and more.

Putting the free and premium products side by side, the support enhancement is the only difference I could find. Comodo’s website adds some confusion in the form of a table nominally comparing features between the free and for-pay antivirus software. It seems that the paid column refers not to the paid antivirus but to Comodo’s full security suite. Features like firewall, VPN, and online backup are not actually included with Comodo Antivirus Advanced.

Few Visible Changes

This product’s appearance hasn’t changed significantly in the list five or six years, and hardly at all since my last review. The biggest difference I noticed was that pop-up notifications about protective activities now use the standard dark-mode style. Looking at the About information, I found that the version number hasn’t changed; it’s still version 12.

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