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Comparing Top Mobile App Development Companies to Watch

Each business looks for the best quality mobile application development company. They can outsource or offshore mobile development companies or hire freelancers. What matters the most is quality, experience, and expertise to shape the best experiences that align with the business vision.

Nowadays, India is emerging as the mobile app development hub as the development cost is comparatively lower than that of other companies. Furthermore, many top MNCs and startups have established their headquarters and can provide the best services on demand in any time zone.

In this blog, we are enlisting the top mobile app development companies businesses, and enterprises can rely on in 2024.

Thrive with Top Trending Mobile App Development Companies in 2024

Now, businesses and enterprises prefer mobile apps as most consumers are on mobile. It can tailor strong branding and generate higher revenues, eliminating the chaos from the competitive marketplace.

  • Per the stats, every consumer has installed 45-80 apps on their phone.
  • Each month, the app store and Play Store add new app listings.
  • By the end of 2027, the market value can touch $673.80 BN.

1.   TCS

TATA is a big name in the industry. Be it any zoner, Tata has surpassed with outstanding initiatives. Whether clothing, automobile, or technology, TATA has made a great room with the best establishment. It has empowered many government and non-government organizations to propel their endeavors. Crossing the horizons in the 5+ decades, many businesses and startups have reduced their workloads with TCS mobile development services and support.

Establishment Year:1968

Company Size:100001+

2.   Quokka Labs LLP

It is one of the best mobile app development services providers in India. They are supporting businesses to grow and establish business across digital grounds. This startup has been running for five years, but they have made tremendous efforts and won rewards for their accomplishments. Appfutura, Techreviewer, Clutch, Goodfirms, iTrate, and other reviews and ratings have listed them as top mobile app development companies. If you are exploring the top mobile app development companies around you, connect with them!

Establishment Year:2018

Company Size:100+

3.   Tech Mahindra 

Tech Mahindra is best known for its consultancy services. However, it has made a stellar presence in other domains as well. Mobile app development and designing is one of those functionalities. As AI and cloud-integrated innovation impress the world, Tech Mahindra is no less than anyone. It has successfully collaborated with business houses and built interactive apps stretching up the delivery across 90+ countries.

Establishment Year:1986

Company Size:1000-9999

4.   Quytech 

All the trending mobile app development branches like Android, iOS, hybris, and cross-platform Quytech have emerged as a frontier. 2024 is the 14th year for Quytech in the industry navigating the tech development grounds. Adapting the top-notch tech stack, Quytech developers are heading on the AI, blockchain, metaverse, IoT, and AR/ VR vertices to launch intuitive experiences. It has served over 500+ global clients and business owners, successfully delivering 1000 awesome products. GCC businesses are approaching Quytech for work from India to the UK and the USA.

Establishment Year:2010

Company Size:201-500

5.   Wipro

Software professionals love to engage with Wipro as it is one of the pioneers in the mobile app development process industry. It has embraced industry trends and technologies and shaped cutting-edge mobile apps for diverse industries. They have served the businesses and backed the support from automobile, tourism, education, and retail to other domains.

Establishment Year:1945

Company Size:10000+

6.   Infosys

Infosys is recognized as one of the top mobile app development companies whenever we discuss the MNCs. Having been in the industry for 22+ years, Infosys has collaborated with and made exceptional products for businesses of every size. Whether a mobile app, web app, cross-platform or custom app, or software development, Infosys has put great value in its growth and made an astonishing presence across the USA and India.

Establishment Year:1981

Company Size:10001+

7.   Kellton

It’s been 14 years, and Kellton has an array of globally recognized mobile app development companies certified by top rating and review sites. Clutch, Webby, Goodfirms, Forbes, and many other leading companies have appreciated and awarded Kellton for innovative experiences. Their client is happy with the development services that enlist Adani, KFC, Indigo, Zee5, Abbott, FMC, Adani, and many more.

Establishment Year: 2009

Company Size:1000-9,999

8.   Mphasis

Mphasis has built applications to run on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and other platforms. With the outstanding quality of development services, it has made a unique presence across the mobile app development industry. It has overwhelmed various sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, e-commerce, and gaming. The intellectual minds associated with the brand have contributed to its success. Some tools and resources add value and empower startups to accomplish their goals.

Establishment Year:1998

Company Size:10001+

Wrap Up

While surfing the web to find the best mobile app software development companies, you get thousands of results on SERPs. Finding the perfect fit is challenging; however, checking their website, years of experience, ratings and reviews, and services can help make a decision. Here, in this blog, we have mentioned the trending top mobile app development companies in India. If any organization aligns with your vision, you can connect and ask for an F2F discussion to discuss the idea.

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