The Apple Watch is one of the best preferable wearable devices in the market as it helps in tracking health and has all the core smartphone features, all that on the wrist. Nobody can deny the remarkable technology of Apple, but it is not invincible.  Just like other devices, they can also be cracked or broken. But fret not; if your Apple watch is cracked, smashed or broken, it can be repaired, it’s not the end. You can get your Apple watch repair from professionals like Phone surgeons.

It’s no secret that these accessories are expensive but also worth every penny spent, so to take proper care of it is extremely important. If you are one clumsy person who has cracked an apple watch one too many times, this article will be the best read of your life. You will gain insight on how to efficiently use an Apple watch and also know about the best destination for Apple Watch screen repair.

  • Screen Replacement is the best option to fix your Apple watch screen. Before taking your watch for screen replacement, make sure that you store it in a safe place to avoid any further damage. Carefully place your watch in its original box provided at the time of purchase. It ensures no further damage.
  • Carry the necessary documents and accessories with you while going to get it fixed. Documents like bill, warranty card, or insurance will help you save some money on the screen replacement.
  • Make sure that you are opting for the proper screen. Check the authenticity of the repair shop and then hand in your apple watch. (Getting a dupe for the original screen will save you some money, but it won’t give you the same output as the original one. Evaluate your requirements beforehand and choose accordingly).
  • Erase sensitive data from your apple watch. Backing up your iOS device is the best bet. This way, you eliminate the chance to lose important data.
  • Know your correct Apple ID and password.

Screen replacement for an Apple watch at a trusted place is very important. Phones surgeons are the best place for Apple Watch screen replacement. Their skilled technicians carefully replace the cracked screen with a high-quality screen.

How to take proper aftercare of your Apple watch

  • Remove and place your Apple watch and place it securely when not needed. Taking proper care of the watch when not in use will extend the life of your watch.
  • Do not use it while charging. This one is a big no!
  • Enable power-saving mode while on low battery. You can automatically set it to enter a power-saving mode when the battery drops to 10 per cent.
  • Always keep your watch away from dust and minute particles that may hamper the inner circuits.
  • Keep it away from water and other hot and cold beverages. The thumb rule is to keep fluids and electronics a mile away. Always remember to remove it whenever you are near a water source or any liquid.
  • Invest in a military-grade cover guard for your watch screen. This will prevent the screen from cracking.

The only way to enjoy an Apple watch for a long time is by taking proper care of the accessory. Keep these simple points in mind to save your pocket from unwanted expenses and for the best Apple Watch warranty in NZ, get in touch with Phone Surgeons.