The term leave has always been a topic of debate because the employer and employee both see it differently and have their own reasons to dislike and like it respectively. For instance,employees say- leaves- what are they for? What is so wrong in enjoying the benefit we are entitled to. On the other hand, employers may argue that leaves are only meant for the case of emergencies. And so, some employees make false excuses and some employers always think that the employees are giving false excuses to get their leaves approved.

While the aforementioned scenario is quite commonly seen in the workplace. There are certain instances, wherein, the employer has to take a step, no matter what. It is the time when an employee disappears from the office without any prior notice for a prolonged time period. There are so many HR Software in India but none specifically for the exit of an employee. So, in this blog, we tell you the defined and right set of actions you should take at that time. 

  • Ask them the issue-
    You never know what situation an employee is in. There may be some personal emergency with which the employee is occupied for days. The person himself could have met with an accident or stuck in some no network area. They may have sent an email that got saved in the drafts. So, in such a scenario, you should reach out to the emergency number they have sent you or talk to their friends in the office. If none of them responds or knows why that employee is not coming, you should send a show cause letter to employee.  This letter is sent to ask the employee the reason for not coming to the office. In this, he is requested to state the reason so that no action is taken further. Ideally, this letter should be sent after a continuous absence without any information for at least 5 days.
  • Send them a warning-
    If you get no response from the employee about the letter, you can send the employee a warning letter. The letter will be a final call off for the employee to respond or appear to the office. The letter would also state that not responding even after this letter will give the company the rights to terminate the employee.
  • Terminate the employee-
    This letter is the last one in the line as after sending this you have officially terminated the employee. Now even if he will appear to the office to resume his work, he will not be allowed to do so. 

Handling such scenarios is certainly awkward but this has no escape or alternative to it. The steps may seem to be very stringent but that is the best you can do as an employer for the employee. Sometimes, it is good to ask a careless employee to leave the organisation so that someone who can handle the position more diligently can take up. Payroll Software in India or abroad is anyway always there to help! You can download offer letter to extend the offer to the newly selected employee in the place of the one terminated.