It is only a matter of time until your basement runs into some water problem. It could start with excess humidity or a small leak, but don’t be fooled. Water, in even a small puddle or intrusion, can harm your basement a lot. The pressure against the existing structures in concrete and soil would cause a lot of unwanted friction and damage. Water intrusion would weaken some spots and may cause lasting damage. The good thing here is that if you do not delay action, the damage can be stopped from spreading, reversed, and prevented in the future.

Key signs

As previously iterated, time is of the essence. Here are some early signs that your basement may be in need of basement waterproofing in Maryland-

  1. Smell– The first sign may be a difference in the scent or smell when you enter your basement. Note that the smell would be significantly different than the other rooms in your home. Simple humidity often is not enough to create a big difference in smell but mixed with mold and excessive moisture, and the odor would be easily detectable. Be on guard for musty scents and bad odors which might resemble that waters from nearby areas (even sewage) have crept in, and have to be immediately fixed.

2. Wet patches and stains- This does not only mean prominent and very significantly visible stains. Even smaller patches of water should not be ignored because it is for sure that they would grow with time. A good rain and the integrity of the entire structure might be in question. Sometimes, of course, it could be the result of a water spill as well, which is why a closer inspection is absolutely essential to determine the cause, to determine if basement waterproofing Maryland is required or not.

3. Disease control- This is a serious sign of water having crept into your basement. Some common illnesses, like the flu, could often be due to a wetter than average basement. Mold and mildew growth can cause numerous severe diseases, and a doctor must be consulted immediately. In such cases of basement waterproofing in Maryland, things might be a lot further gone than you think, and it might be time to call professionals. Some molds may even become toxic to the extent that it may be fatal.

4. Pools and puddles– A dead giveaway is a pool and puddle of water with no signs of water spillage inside. It is vital to find the source of leakage as soon as possible and fix the problem. If the water does not drain by itself, it will cause problems to the very foundation of the basement. You have to check by yourself for potential hazards like leaky pipes in the walls, or soil issues, etc.

5. Rust- A very subtle sign and giveaway of excess humidity is the presence of rust. If the nails and other small things made of iron in your home are catching on rust very quickly, it might be because of a wet basement. Excess water in the basement can affect the humidity level of the entire household.

6. Insects- There are millions and millions of insects that are water-borne and love a cold, dark, and moist environment to live in. These insects would make the environment unliveable, on top of potentially spreading severe diseases. But most importantly, they are a sign that there are areas in your home, more often than not, the basement, which needs waterproofing.


Basement waterproofing in Maryland can be a tough task to have at your hand. The most crucial thing to do is to figure out the source of leaks and the damage done. If you are unsure of anything, it is best to call professionals and let them do their job.