There is a reason why Apple flagships are considered to be the top-notch smartphones to exist. With best quality of hardware and impeccable technology, apple iPhones have always won people’s attention as soon as they launch.

iPhone XS: Best in class smartphone

With a similar case, iPhone XS which was launched in September 2018 successfully garnered a lot of attention. Its soaring sales were thanks to the use of improved technology and specs. With a dimension of (5.65 x 2.79 x 0.30 in), this iPhone weighs 177 grams or 6.24 oz. With sleek and sexy design with finished with stainless steel frame with the front and back is only glass. Even its display is no joke! This smartphone gives you a 5,8 inches screen size with a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels, it’s completely scratch-resistant and has an oleophobic coating. Phones are quite famous for their camera quality. It is quite true that the photo quality of an iPhone camera is the best in its class no matter what. This particular iPhone successor has a dual main camera of 12 MP each with HDR and Quad-LED dual-tone flash, these cameras alone can capture videos at 2160p@24/30/60fps. Even more impressive is the part that the selfie camera is not behind in the race either. The selfie camera of an iPhone XS had a dual camera with 7 MP each.

Parts of iPhone stopped working

But what would you do when these impressive dual cameras of your iPhone xs stop working? Quite a worry, isn’t it? Buying an iPhone itself is quite an investment and having only a single part of it not working is surely heart-breaking. Rest of your iPhone works quite well but the iphone xs front camera blurry than what would you do? Your first thought must have been going for a repair at the apple store but isn’t that possible only if your device is still under warranty. What if your device has crossed the period of warranty? Will you abandon the whole iPhone just because of faulty front camera? Definitely not. It would be a waste abandon your beloved iPhone when you can simply buy iphone xs front camera blurry as a replacement. Confused? Let’s explain.

How to replace faulty iPhone parts?

These days there are third-party companies who sell and ship refurbished or spare parts for the iPhone flagships. These companies have many types of repair parts such as freshly manufactured parts, repaired parts or even certified refurbished parts. Depending on the type of part you are purchasing, the process would change. Usually, the repaired parts are cheaper than the new ones. You can buy these spare parts and have them shipped to your address. After this, either you can replace the faulty part with the newly arrived replacement part yourself or get the help of a professional. They can fix the new parts at low fees.

Replacement of old parts is advised for everyone as it’s not only faulty cheaper but also more logical than wasting the useful parts of the iPhone.