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How Artificial Intelligence Would Change the Future of WordPress Development?

You’re probably hearing a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) nowadays. Believe it or not, AI is here to stay and impact every single job there is. You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to understand some industries are going to be affected sooner than others. By 2025, it’s being predicted that AI will become a key part of the digital sphere and it’ll manage a lot of the online marketing domain. WordPress development services have already started getting impacted by artificial intelligence as well. The WordPress ecosystem has seen a drastic change as it has become more easy-to-use, intuitive and effective. Works like content creation, SEO, creating images have become optimised due to the inclusion and integration of AI. In this blog we’ll explore how AI has and is going to impact WordPress development.

What is AI?

AI is not what we have seen in Hollywood movies. It’s much more complex than that. AI, or artificial intelligence, is a subfield of computer science in which robots may replicate human intellect. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes use of data to automate repeated learning and discovery. Through progressive learning algorithms, AI adapts, learns and becomes more intelligent.

How Will AI Affect Various WordPress Domains?

UX & Design

With the passing of time, AI will become more experienced and understand human needs more clearly. When you go to a website, you can expect that the website will be much more customised as per your needs. Users can quickly optimise their websites using AI-powered plugins and tools to deliver a more personalised experience for visitors. You won’t have to browse through products, rather AI will suggest products for you.

AI-assisted Writing

Whether you need a content writer, a copywriter or a technical writer – AI will do all the writing for your website. AI-based tools aid in generating content for blog & social media posts, landing pages, product descriptions etc. The best part is the content will be created in just moments. AI analyses and evaluates to create new text from existing content through Natural Language Processing (NLP).


The days of meticulously combing over your website and optimising SEO for WordPress have passed. AI-generated content plugins as well as SEO plugins help in optimising the SEO game for a website. The AI-generated plugins help analysing keywords, they also help in creating meta titles along with meta descriptions. You can now rely on AI-generated models when you need suggestions regarding internal links and tag content.

Backend Engineering

AI-powered solutions can aid in data analysis and decision-making, increasing the speed and accuracy of decision-making processes.

Building Websites

There are many agencies that have started to build algorithms through which they can build their own websites. ChatGPT is also playing a major role in WordPress development. AI can now do all the work a WordPress developer can do. They can create layouts, design and almost whatever you need for your website.

The Current State of WordPress AI Integration

34% of the WordPress users have started to use AI-powered plugins. WordPress has recently introduced its own AI – Jetpack AI Assistant. Some of the features of this AI Assistant are the following:

  • Generating Content Tailored to Your Needs: By providing the right prompts, you can create captivating content for your WordPress website. The AI assistant can talk with you in natural language so it becomes easier for you to provide the prompts.
  • Adjusting TOV: Based on your website and brand persona, you will need to tweak your content’s TOV. Whatever your requirements are – be it funny, formal or conversational, AI will modify your content as per your need.
  • Correcting Grammar: Grammar is extremely important as customers will only trust a website that has grammatically correct content. With its spelling and grammatical correction tools, AI Assistant can assist guarantee that your material always represents professional standards.
  • Translation: With Jetpack’s power to translate your content to any language, the world becomes your oyster. You can effectively offer your service and products to every person in the world.

The Bottom Line: WordPress’s AI-Driven Future

AI will make a lot of work in the paradigm of WordPress development more seamless. Task performance will be optimised, and multi-tasking will be possible with the help of artificial intelligence. AI assistants may aid in developing the ideal website based on a user’s requirements, determining layout, design, branding, and other factors. While AI technologies are now used to create very simple websites, they are constantly improving and point to a future in which AI will play a key part in website development. Machine learning will be used to identify and prevent attacks via AI-powered security plugins, which will better safeguard WordPress sites from hacker attempts. The bottom line is that the future of WordPress in the era of AI will be quite different. There will be a complete transformation of how we build and modify WordPress websites. The possibilities and options are endless.

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