If you are into a wholesale business, you must be knowing how important is it to manage the comprehensive nature of warehouse and fulfillment. You need to know precisely about stock, overstock, and items nearing expiry dates. As a warehouse manager, you must have real-time insights to make informed decisions. This even becomes intense when you have multiple warehouses operations and locations to manage. Keeping an eye on stock which is going out and coming inside your warehouse without a robust ERP in a place seems to be a tough call. With spreadsheets, it becomes even more complex to keep track on supply chain activities, logistics and distribution processes. How can you scan a million rows and columns in minutes and know about the distribution and multichannel requirements? 

Is it feasible for you to generate reports in minutes from hundreds of files and be confident of your action? 

Spreadsheets are nice to have but they have their own limitations when managing hundreds of files and data. With each progressing day, you are generating data and scanning each and every file for a simple thing becomes a difficult battle killing viable and important time of your business. Plus, you fear losing enterprise data in case any files corrupt or lost. This becomes a major nightmare for warehouse managers as all their data is stored in excel files. 

The need for an hour is to bring in a robust ERP such as SAP Business ByDesign especially when you are a mid-size business. It optimizes inventory tracking, multichannel fulfillment, distribution operations, helps in real-time visibility and transparency, all in real-time. It helps in quality, production, and track processes.  

Let us find more capabilities of SAP Business ByDesign ERP.

Reduce warehouse costs

Now it is easy to minimize the use of resources and realize new cost savings by bringing automated software. You can know the probable costs of items, keep a track of spoilage and wastage thus reducing cost. The software also helps you keep track and maximize equipments, space, time, and realize new savings.  


Now it is easy to trace batches from end-to-end over multople locations. It also helps in advanced shipment notification, yard management and helps in advanced tracking. The software also helps in mixed and layered pallet building, keep a track of partial stock units, and support advanced tracking. With SAP Business ByDesign, you can also streamline the return process and provide rich and extended warehouse management functionality across the freight management lifecycle.

Physical inventory and cycle counting

The ERP helps in managing stock ownership, visibility of stock, the status of the stock, helps in-stock selection according to attributed and packaging and helps in cycle counting.

Cloud-based ERP helps in stock management, focusing on inventory management, labor management and yard management, inbound processing management, storage, and internal process control, multiple stock ownership, bin allocation and perform cross-functional analytics. With SAP Business ByDesign, it becomes easier to manage it all and optimize warehouse operations. To navigate you to the path of success and deploy this robust ERP seamlessly, you should invest in a cloud-based ERP.