Android is a popular mobile platform that offers a great range of apps. But if you want to use the best of Android apps on your Windows PC, you need to be familiar with the different app launchers and desktop applications. Here are three of the best Android mobile app launchers for Windows: Apex Launcher, ADB Launcher, and MetroApps.

What is Apex Launcher?

Apex Launcher is an intuitive app launcher that puts a variety of features at your fingertips. For example, Apex Launcher lets you quickly scroll through apps and folders with gestures. Additionally, it provides extra features like swipe-to-dismiss notifications and the ability to customize the notification center.

Other features available in Apex Launcher include:

– App Drawer: Organize apps by sorting them into folders

– Gestures: Swipe up to open the Notification Center

– Quick Search Box: Search for apps or contacts by typing in keywords

– Notifications: Customize notification settings and view everything all at once

If you’re looking for an Android app launcher for Windows, Apex Launcher is a great option. It’s free to use, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!

How can Apex Launcher help you use Android apps on your Windows PC?

When you’re using an Android device, you can’t really switch to a different launcher without re-installing the app. But with Apex Launcher, you can perform a one-click installation of your favorite Android apps on your Windows PC.

Apex Launcher uses Apex widgets, which are essentially shortcuts that let you provide quick access to apps or functions within them. For example, if your phone has an app for booking flights, then you could make it easy for yourself to launch that app from your computer by adding a widget for it in Apex Launcher.

The benefit of this is that you don’t need to be constantly switching between browsers or apps when you’re trying to find something specific in an app on your mobile device. You just need to launch the app and look for what you want with the help of the shortcut like Apex Launcher provides.

The ADB Launcher and MetroApps launchers

are the best Android mobile app launchers for Windows.

The ADB Launcher is a free Android launcher that offers compatibility with most of your favorite apps on Android, with over half a million downloads on Google Play Store. It also includes support for multiple homescreens and widgets. The MetroApps launcher includes unique features like the ability to search on your desktop, built-in notifications, and customisable shortcuts.

If you’re interested in a different launcher, it’s worth checking out Nova Launcher or Action Launcher 3. Both are popular launchers that offer unique functions for your desktop experience.

Android app launchers provide a great way to get up and running with your favorite Android apps on Windows PC quickly. If you need help setting up one of these launchers, be sure to check out our article on how to set it up!


With the use of Apex Launcher it is easy to install Android apps on your Windows PC. These launchers make it easy to use Android apps in Windows 10.