The OwnCloud server is an open source cloud storage solution with multimedia playing and file sharing capabilities.  It can be installed on Linux platforms without any problem and it has to be for proper performance and stability. However, the users those are much familiar with Windows operating system install the Owncloud server using Windows’s IIS web server or third party software like XAMMP or WAMP servers. But in this tutorial, we are not going to use any of them to install Owncloud server on Windows 10 nor any kind of virtual machine software like Virtualbox/Vmware. Instead of the traditional method, we use the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) for better stability and performance. The Linux environment app which we will use for it is Ubuntu.  Let’s see how to do this. Vidmate The latest version of the OwnCloud while this tutorial was Owncloud 10.1.0.

Install Owncloud Server on Windows 10 via Ubuntu

Step 1: Enable the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL)

To enable the Windows subsystem for Linux feature on Windows 10, go to Search box type “Turn Windows feature on or off” click on that as it appears and enables the WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux) feature: For more info on this see: Enable the Windows subsystem for Linux feature .

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