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How To Solve A Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is a puzzle game with tangram-style graphics that has become popular among online gamers. Drag the three available blocks into the appropriate positions on the board to fill it with a larger shape. The shapes vanish as the horizontal or vertical lines are filled, allowing additional blocks. The goal is to empty as many cells as possible in two minutes. The winner is the one with the better score.

But solving a block puzzle isn’t as easy as it may appear. Here is the ultimate guide to help you play a block puzzle game like an expert.

The rules of the game

Although there is a twist, the basic rules are similar to Tetris. For instance, three shapes are presented to players simultaneously instead of continuously falling blocks.

To fill any vertical or horizontal gaps, you must arrange the forms on the board at your disposal. Once all three pieces are on the board, you’ll receive a fresh set of pieces. Avoid trying to finish a line when you are running out of time because then you won’t have enough room to finish the line.

The objective of the game

The game’s main objective is to empty as many lines or cells as possible before the 2-minute timer expires or the board is full.

Until the timer expires or there are no more open cells to insert the shapes, players will keep receiving various shapes in sets of three. The game will be over in both scenarios.

Tips to help you play block puzzles like a pro

  • Start by placing blocks from the corners

Ensure your block puzzle game doesn’t end too soon if you want a good score. The secret to winning the game is to survive longer, and one tactic for doing so is to keep playing until the timer runs out. When you start placing bricks from the corner, you have both horizontal and vertical possibilities.

Additionally, you can arrange blocks so that no empty cells exist between them. Later on, it may become difficult to fill those vacant cells, which could be why your game is over.

  • Place the blocks carefully.

Blocks will swiftly fill up all the open areas on the board if you randomly dump them there. Your opponent will then win the game, and it will be over. Careful block placement is essential to achieve a good score in the game. Make sure you have blank cells available for your upcoming move before adding any blocks.

In an ideal scenario, players start throwing blocks on the board when the timer is about to expire. Keep your cool, though, and only put blocks in cells to let you finish a line on that move or the one after that.

  • Clear as many columns and rows

Even if it’s not always practicable, you should concentrate on clearing numerous rows and columns when playing a block puzzle game. Your points will increase, and you can even receive bonus points for clearing several columns and rows simultaneously.

To clear numerous lines rather than just one, pay attention to the arrangement of the blocks as you try to clear horizontal and vertical lines. You’ll score more points and be able to defeat your opponent.


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