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How To Use Full Potential of Social Networks for Marketing

Social networks are promotional channels with a lot of potential, but do you already know which networks are best for you? Your target? The type of topics or content is most suitable for your audience? What indicators to measure?

If you have answered no to one, some, or all of the questions, it is because you do not have a clear communication strategy.

Competitor research

It is an analysis of competition, trends in your market, and success stories. Starting with research on what other companies or brands do will help you learn about possible good practices and which of the existing social networks could be the most suitable for your communications and interactions with users.

The benchmark is important to avoid falling into commonplaces and to know what opportunities other companies have overlooked.

Within the research process, you could include an analysis of the current situation of your brand on social networks, even if you do not have a profile you could try to find out if there are mentions of your products or services.

The information collected will help you develop a much more effective strategy by detecting the weakest points of the management carried out so far and taking advantage of the strengths.

Objectives of the social media strategy

Strategies are planning documents that are based on one or several objectives, this makes them a very valuable, but also temporary, instrument for coordinating efforts and communication.

But what is the #1 way a company can be successful with social media marketing? The objectives to be established must respond within a certain time.

The objectives are what you would like to achieve with your strategy, and what you hope to achieve or achieve. They must be realistic, taking into account the resources you have and the time available to fulfill them.

The objectives for a social media strategy can be several, but you must define them consecutively.

Establish who your target is

With a clear perspective of the panorama of your company and competition and with precise objectives, it is time to move on to defining your audience or target.

For the strategy to be efficient you must know who you are targeting, what elements define it, what people make it up, and what their habits are. What should you take into account?

  • Gender and age of your target?
  • Where is it located?
  • Profession and job?
  • What type of content do you consume or produce on the networks?
  • What are your connection devices?

Establish personality

Social networks are channels of social interaction and brands are expected to add to that experience with a personality that defines their essence and provides differentiation.

The ultimate purpose of using social networks is to promote and sell products, but the most successful companies do so by communicating showing a clear personality, and maintaining a special tone that helps them interact with their followers.

Content and calendar

Now is the time to plan what topics you will touch on in the publications that make up your social media strategy. These must address all the information concerning your company and products in an informative, useful, creative, and impactful way.

Likewise, you must define in the strategy which formats are most in line with the agreed content points, the personality, and the tone that you have chosen for your company.

Some of the formats that you can consider are images, audiovisuals, events, stories, live, tutorials, infographics, contests, guides, and surveys, among others.

Once you have decided what to create the content, it is time to prepare a calendar. This establishes the posting routine, day, and hours of publication, as well as other technical details.


There are many social networks, but not all of them work the same, offer the same resources, or bring together the same type of people.

Finally, you can launch your strategy and start measuring the impact of posts and actions. Make adjustments to what is not yielding adequate results and enhance those things that are working.

With all this in mind, you can begin to develop a strategy, but you may still need expert support to address any details

An impactful strategy requires extensive knowledge of how social networks work and trends. Do you want to reach the next level? Contact us at Digital Specialist and get the best marketing services.

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