Not only will V-Ray 6 for SketchUp take your designs to the next level, but it will also help improve the process of relaying design ideas to your clients in a more visually friendly format. 

Understandably, clients are fixated on the visual aspect as they aren’t able to get their heads around some of the more technical design concepts. Implement the power of V-Ray 6 to bring your designs to life in a way that customers can understand.

New features in V-Ray 6

Creating photo-realistic renderings and animations is just part of the story. V-Ray for SketchUp moves beyond this concept and offers an incredible set of tools to allow you to integrate further options such as geometric patterns and varied sky designs too.

The latest V-Ray 6 version reads endscape scenes directly allowing you to create real-time designs and complete the render process seamlessly. You can then share your renders wherever and whenever via the cloud.

Experience hyper-realistic material renders including distance textures, dirt placement, translucent materials and accurate reflections. In addition, you can also add asset tags, export animations 10x faster and also make use of popular composition guides in the VFB.

Benefits of using V-Ray 6

Now that we’ve seen a few of the additions to the V-Ray 6 suite of tools, let’s take a look at how they can benefit you and your design process.

Integration with SketchUp, Rhino, 3DS Max

Integrating V-Ray 6 with various 3D modelling programs is incredibly simple and intuitive, meaning that you get the results you need and when you need them. While it is possible to integrate V-Ray 6 with other modelling software, SketchUp certainly presents one of the most effective toolsets that blends perfectly with the V-Ray 6 product.

Extensive resource library

One of the main issues that designers face when producing their 3D models is accessing a complete range of ready-to-use materials to complete the addition of realistic renders and animations. V-Ray 6 deals with that issue head-on and provides an in-depth resource library to offer a world of varied possibilities. You won’t have to rely on your imagination anymore to see how the final design will look.

Faster animation design

Rendering engines can be notoriously slow and create unnecessary delays in the design process when you can least afford to be hanging around. The processing speed necessary for flipping between various projects and adjusting rendering qualities can be too much for some machines to handle. The V-Ray 6 software takes it easier on hardware by being more efficient in its approach. It offers faster rendering speeds than ever before and accelerates the parts of the process that matter most to your clients as they await visual results.

Photorealistic rendering capabilities

Photorealistic rendering provides a visualisation that helps your client connect with a design. It ultimately builds trust as they feel confident that you’re able to recreate their dream vision on screen or paper. This is an important part of the process and every effort should be made to create an image that is as lifelike as possible.

It is often a faster and more cost-effective option to produce realistic renders on a design image rather than setting up prototypes and concept models. You can also add animation to your newly-rendered images to allow them to evolve as they are viewed from different angles. Something that is nearly impossible to achieve without the use of powerful 3D modelling software.

V-Ray 6 achieves photorealistic rendering in a few different ways. Making use of these options will ensure the best results.

One of the first solutions that this software offers is the handling of complex light issues throughout a detailed 3D model. You can decide upon the general feel that you wish your lighting to achieve and then use V-Ray 6 to help recreate your image perfectly. 

Very fast

Thanks to the clean and simple interface, producing rendered images and animations is fast from the very start. There’s a wealth of manual settings allowing you complete freedom over not only your finished product but also the rendering speed as well. Biased-based rendering is where this plug-in comes into its own, giving faster results without compromising the quality of your designs.


The V-Ray 6 product certainly isn’t the only render engine available on the market. But when a package of tools comes as complete as this one and makes instant and obvious improvements to 3D models, it’s hard to consider any alternatives. The simplistic approach to rendering is a huge plus and the speed at which this software achieves results is almost unparalleled. Add to this the vast library of realistic renders and animations that will effortlessly guide a model towards becoming a final product that not only impresses clients but also allows them to fully visualise the concept. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and ensures that both parties are in no doubt about the direction in which the project is moving.