Myki Review! (Editors’ Note: Myki is no longer allowing new subscriptions and is asking existing customers to transfer their credentials to a different password manager before the service shuts down on April 10, 2022. The review below reflects our last evaluation of Myki and was published on November 18, 2021.)

You need a password manager that can sync your credentials across all your devices in a secure manner. Most password management solutions use encrypted cloud storage because you can connect to your passwords wherever you are. Myki is different. Your passwords sync via end-to-end encryption with the company’s relay servers, but the credentials ultimately live offline on your devices. Therefore, syncing your passwords to browser extensions and other devices is easy and secure.

Free, Local Password Protection

The best part about Myki is the price. You get all its robust core features for free. You can pay $9.95 for the Pro Bundle, but it only adds some cosmetic functions. Most people will find that the free version of Myki has everything they’ll want, which makes it an Editors’ Choice pick among free password managers.

LastPass relies on encrypted cloud storage even in its free version. Users who upgrade to the feature-enhanced commercial edition effectively pay for the servers. PCMag also highly recommends LastPass, which is an Editors’ Choice winner for its Premium paid version.

When we last reviewed Myki, it was a mobile-first password management solution, but now the company offers a desktop app for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Zoho Vault is another password manager with a substantial free tier that allows you to sync an unlimited number of passwords across all devices.

Getting Started With Myki

Everything about Myki sets it apart from the competition, starting from the way you set it up. You either enter a six-digit PIN or use a biometric unlocking mechanism, whether a fingerprint or facial recognition, to access the app on a computer or a mobile device. There’s no master password for you to memorize, thus making your password manager more secure. Nearly every other password manager I’ve reviewed, from 1Password to LastPass, requires a master password.

Setting up other devices to sync with Myki is easy. First, you install the app, which displays a QR code and a pairing code. Next, take a picture of the QR code with your mobile device or enter the pairing code, and you can enter your vaults.