NordPass Review, Few people can remember strong and varied passwords for each of their online accounts. That’s fine because password managers such as NordPass are readily available Bistoin SV. NordPass, from the team behind NordVPN, is a streamlined, easy-to-use service for securely accessing your passwords via desktop and mobile apps or on the web. It has added some notable features over time, including a Data Breach Scanner, password health report, web vault, and a password inheritance option. However, NordPass is pricey and its free version is not as usable as its competitors’.

Here’s The NordPass Review!!!

How Much Does NordPass Cost?

NordPass comes in a free version and a paid Premium version ($4.99 per month). The free version does not allow you to access your passwords on multiple devices at the same time nor can you use it to share items from your vault. Myki, our top free password manager, includes both features. NordPass does not limit how many passwords you can save, though, which is a plus.

NordPass Premium gets rid of the free version’s limitations, letting you access passwords on up to six devices and share items. This tier also unlocks access to the Data Breach Scanner and Password Health features.

NordPass’ monthly price is high compared with other services’ costs. You can get a discount by paying for one or two years of service in advance, but doing so doesn’t lock you into the discounted rate after that. The renewal price is subject to change. So even though you may be tempted by the savings, we recommend starting with the monthly plan to make sure NordPass works for you—or at least sign up for the free 30-day trial.

For comparison, LastPass Premium costs $36 per year, and Keeper charges $34.99 per year. Dashlane offers a feature-limited edition that starts at $35.88 per year, and its $59.99-per-year plan includes a VPN. Bitwarden Premium costs just $10 per year. You can, at the time of this writing, get NordPass and NordVPN on a two-year deal for $135.83 (effectively about $5.66 per month).