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Outsourced Marketing: A Key Strategy for Software Companies

The software industry is extremely competitive. With new startups entering the market daily and established players constantly releasing updated products and services, software companies must find ways to effectively market themselves to stand out. One proven strategy is to outsource their marketing efforts to an expert third-party agency. Here are some of the key benefits of outsourced marketing for software firms and tips for implementing it successfully.

Expertise and Specialization

Outsourced marketing agencies specialize in software, allowing them to develop deep expertise. They stay on top of the latest trends and practices specific to the industry. An in-house marketer often needs to split focus across many areas. Outsourced marketers can also leverage experience working with multiple software clients to develop the most effective strategies. Their specialization makes them true experts in software marketing.

Faster Implementation

Getting an in-house marketing team up-and-running takes significant time for hiring, training, and developing effective workflows. Outsourced teams onboard quickly and begin executing right away. Their experience working with software companies allows them to hit the ground running. This speeds up marketing efforts and gets results faster.


In-house marketers may become too close to a product to evaluate its messaging objectively. Outsourced teams provide an outside perspective, helping create campaigns that resonate with target audiences, not just internal team members. They act in the client’s best interests, providing an unbiased view.

Flexibility and Scalability

Marketing needs fluctuate, so the flexibility of an outsourced team is advantageous. Software companies can scale their marketing up or down as needed, paying only for the services they require. In-house teams don’t provide this fluidity. Additionally, outsourced teams are sized to handle large workloads and can take on new projects seamlessly. In-house teams may become overwhelmed during busier periods.

Latest Marketing Technology

Outsourced agencies make significant investments in keeping their capabilities and technologies up-to-date. In-house teams often lack budget for the latest marketing tech. Outsourced teams have access to advanced tools, analytics, and techniques that in-house marketers may not, helping drive greater results.


Outsourced marketing provides cost savings compared to hiring an in-house marketing team. Software companies, especially startups and small businesses, often don’t have the budget for multiple full-time marketers. Outsourcing allows them to tap into the expertise of an entire agency to execute campaigns, often for less than the cost of one marketing salary and benefits package. The outsourced team also handles tasks like designing assets and managing campaigns, avoiding the need to hire multiple specialists.

Tips for Successful Outsourced Marketing

Outsourcing marketing can provide software companies with a specialized, scalable marketing resource. Here are some tips for having a successful outsourced marketing arrangement:

  1. Clearly define goals, target audiences, and metrics for success upfront to align efforts. Provide ongoing guidance to keep efforts on track.
  2. Maintain open communication channels through weekly calls, status reports, and transparency into campaign analytics.
  3. When selecting an agency, opt for one with specific software marketing expertise vs. generalists. Review their current and prior clients.
  4. Start with a small pilot initiative to evaluate capabilities before committing to a large-scale effort.
  5. Designate an internal point person to manage the relationship and provide timely feedback.
  6. hare organizational knowledge and assets like past campaigns, brand guidelines, and market research to maximize effectiveness.
  7. Recognize that it takes time to see results. Have reasonable expectations around timelines.
  8. Handle extremely sensitive, internal tasks like core brand messaging in-house. Outsource supplementary efforts.
  9. Build a partnership mentality rather than vendor relationship for the best results.

Outsourced marketing provides software companies with experienced marketing talent, advanced capabilities, and the flexibility to scale efforts up and down as needed. Following best practices for implementation will help ensure an outsourced agency can become a true extension of the in-house marketing team. With the right partner, outsourcing marketing can take software companies to the next level.

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