Acne is a very common problem but when it happens it can create some embarrassing situation for people because it mostly appears on the visible areas of the body. They look bad and sometimes even when they disappear, they leave a scar on the body which can last long. So, one has to take immediate care if they see acnes happening and treat them immediately.

One can use some soaps or lotions which can be quite helpful. They can check no scars skin soap price and buy them so that they can use them on a regular basis. This can lighten the scar marks that are left by acne. Again, scars can be of different types. They can be something severe which can leave permanent and deep marks that can go only after a time. But if it is a common scar, then it can be treated easily and they go away easily.

Types of common scars are:


These scars are mostly flat and red spots and they can happen if the body has some acne liaison. They mostly remain on the body for 10 days and then they fade away gradually.

Skin discoloration

Some acne and scar can lead to skin discoloration when they are in the healing mode. They can also leave some mark on the area of eruption. But discoloration can also happen when there is a kind of hyper pigmentation in the body.  They can be on the body for more than a month and it takes time to get healed.

Tissue scars

This is a kind if acne that can leave behind a scar mark on the body. They can look enlarged and it can happen because of the re growth of the tissue. This is a scar which is also known by the name keloid scars. It can also happen when the skin indulges to excess collage production.

Loss of tissue

It is a kind of a usual scar which can happen and the major reason behind it is the loss of tissues. There are different kinds of acne scars and they are named as ice pick scars, soft scars, fibrotic scars and many more. Some of them look like a pit on the skin.

Many people tend to neglect scar marks but they must be taken very seriously. If not, then they can leave a permanent mark on the skin. One can use the best scar soap so that they can treat them effectively. One can take help of a skin expert so that they can advise on some medications if needed which can be of great help. They can also take help of some home remedies to remove the scar marks.

For example one can use fresh aloe vera gel or lemon juice on the scar marks so that they can lighten the marks and they can eventually fade away. Lemon juice has acidic properties that lighten the marks and aloe vera has a moisturizing effect which can keep the skin nourished.